Betz & Chris' Wedding at The Taylor Grady House in Athens Georgia

I met Betz at a wedding I photographed in 2010.* She noticed me taking a candid photo of her during the reception, and sweetly made a comment to me about not liking photos of herself. Well, I thought she looked gorgeous who I showed her the photo I'd just taken on the back of my camera. She agreed that it was a great photo, and said that if she ever got married she'd hire me as her photographer. And what do you know!? She was dating the father of the groom at that wedding and five years later they did get married. I was thrilled to have the honor of capturing the amazingly sweet wedding day of Betz and Chris at The Taylor Grady House on May 9, 2015 in Athens, Georgia.*Vicki and John were married at The State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens on April 10, 2010.I love the koozie that they had as favors - It's Never Too Late To Live Happily Ever After!!This is Chris' son John, whose wedding I photographed in 2010.And this is Vicki, John's wife.Congratulations Betz and Chris!