Melissa and Doug's 9th Anniversary Portrait Session at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA

Check out Melissa and Doug's adorably fun 9th anniversary portrait session at Piedmont Park. I knew Melissa and Doug would be a fun couple when they introduced themselves and said, but we're not that Melissa and Doug - referring to the toy manufacturer. Melissa and Doug met in Detroit, and moved to Atlanta so Doug could do his residency and Melissa taught 1st grade. Currently they live in Michigan, have been married for 9 years and have 4 kids! They were on vacation in Atlanta without the kids and decided to have a fun portrait session with just the two of them. They picked Piedmont Park because they lived down the street from the park when they lived in Atlanta. They created many memories at the park, including taking their dog Koda to the dog park and welcoming their first born and taking her for walks. They even took her photo at the park for their very first Christmas card!