Newborn Baby Thomas in Athens, GA

I met newborn Baby Thomas when he was one week new! He's a sweet addition to one of my favorite families. I thought it would be fun to see what his big brother William looked like at the same age. I thought it was so funny to find such this mirror image photo! How adorable.Above is baby Thomas, and below is his big brother William, back when he was also at just one week old. The photo is even on the same blanket I think!I've been photographing William and Thomas' family for 3 years now. The newborn photo above was in December of 2012. This adorable photo below is William at 6 months old.The photo above here is William at 18 months, and in the one below he's 2 years old.The photo above is technically the first photo of Thomas, before he was ready to make his world debut. And William is almost 2 and a half years old. And now, as seen below, they are a family of 4. And William is pretty proud of being a great big brother.Congratulations Megan and Brad.