She said yes! Daniel's Proposal to Leanne at The Atlanta Botanical Garden


Daniel did such a great job of setting up his surprise proposal to Leanne at The Atlanta Botanical Garden on New Year's Eve. He told her they were going to a corporate event, so they got dressed up and headed out. He'd rented the Japanese Garden for the occasion, but due to a rainy day we went with the Orchid house for the actual proposal. Daniel and I had planned ahead and gone to the gardens together a few days earlier to map out locations, so I was ready when they walked in he went down on a knee!But the surprise didn't end there! Daniel had invited both his family and Leanne's to celebrate with them. After some champagne and enjoying the garden lights that were on display, the group rode around the city in a limo and celebrated Daniel and Leanne's engagement as well as the New Year.Congratulations Daniel and Leanne! Thanks for letting me in on the surprise!