Katie & Walker's Wedding Ceremony at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Atlanta, GA


Kate and Walker had a traditional Catholic ceremony, including the celebration of the Eucharist, which is central to the Catholic faith. They lit the unity candle, which represents the couple's lives as separate individuals, and symbolizes the union of their two hearts and lives into one. Here are some of my favorite images from Katie and Walker's ceremony.

Katie Getting Ready for her Wedding Ceremony at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Atlanta, GA


Katie and her bridesmaids started getting ready at her family's house. Once everyone's hair and makeup was done, and the bridesmaids were in their dresses, they took a limo over to the church to get Katie into her dress and ready to walk down the aisle. The bride's room at Holy Spirit Catholic Church is very special to Katie's family. The stained glass window in the photos below was given by Katie's parents as a gift to their parents (Katie's grandparents), and they had it placed in the bride's room in hopes that one day one of their daughters would get married in their church. And of course, it did!