3 Reasons Why You Need Framed Photos of your Family in Your Home

Let’s be honest: Your treasured memories deserve the best, and high quality framed prints are a great way to go. They’re a favorite with many of my clients, and also one of my own. We all know why we want to hang framed family photos - because, they look gorgeous of course. But why do we need built-to-last high quality framed photos in our homes? I can think of at least 3 great reasons and I’m sharing them below!


In-Home TherapyI believe fine art family photos are like built-in therapists. From wall to wall, your memories have the power to save your life. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, but you know what I mean. When you see a gorgeous photo of your kids’ smiling faces, you can’t help but feel happy - no matter what mood you’re in. They also serve as a great reminder of how adorable and wonderful your kids can be, even when they are currently running around the house creating chaos. Can your essential oil diffuser do that?


Home Decor BalancePersonal accents such as photos of your children’s milestone moments, love story memories, or fun family adventures complement any decor style. Traditional décor such as candles on the coffee table or mirrors on the wall is nice, but when you add personal portrait artwork into your space, you’re adding much more than just beauty, you’re also adding joy - and some might even say, you’re making your house into even more of a home.


Nostalgia NightcapsNostalgia before bed can boost relaxation - or at least that’s what I believe. There’s nothing worse than getting in bed and not being able to shake off the frustrations of the day. It’s peaceful and relaxing to have warm recollections of family and loved ones, and where better than surrounding you in the oasis of your bedroom? There’s no better way to drift off into your dreams than with sweet memories of your family’s happy times.


In ConclusionQuality framed photos gift you with so much more than just their presence. They become your reliable in-home therapists, handy decor solutions, and nostalgia nightcaps you can count on.