A Fun Atlanta Family Portrait Session - Bowling!


I grew up next door to Crawford, so he's basically my big brother - which also means he's the worst possible client! (Sorry Crawford, but you know it's true!) Crawford's never been shy about complaining about 'boring fall foliage' portrait sessions. This year, we were determined to find a location that would be fun and photogenic. We thought about shooting at a store, but that didn't seem very fun. We thought about using his father's office building, putting the kids in little suits, and doing silly scenes in the board room and on the escalator, but his wife Amy didn't think that was the best idea. When she called to set up their session I just picked a park that was nearby and suggested they bring their dogs to include them in the session, and that was that. Or so I thought - I got a call from Crawford and he said he was not going to do a session at the park, and what did I think about bowling. What a fantastic idea!! I said as long as Amy approved, I was most definitely in! So we met at Midtown Bowl on Saturday morning, and it was perfect. We all bowled, and each time it was my turn, before I'd bowl I'd suggest a photo to take. My bowling game may not have been the best, but the photos turned out to be so fun and cute! Enjoy.